RLCMN at the 2014 MNGOP State Convention

The Minnesota chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus is the only RLC chapter that’s registered as an affiliate of its state Republican Party, meaning that we have representation at all congressional district and state conventions, as well access and influence with state party leadership.

One small example of this access is the speaking slot we received at the MNGOP State Convention on May 30-31 in Rochester, Minnesota. State Chair Neil Lynch was joined on the stage by three of the RLCMN’s founding members: Tom Willenbring, Andy Lindberg, and Ebenezer Howe.

In addition, state chair Neil Lynch was interviewed at the state convention by the Fightin’ Words podcast (run by RLC board member Walter Hudson).

Given the treatment that Ron Paul and his delegates received at the MNGOP State Convention at this very location just six years ago, the fact that the RLCMN received podium time at this convention shows just how far the RLCMN — and the Minnesota liberty movement — has come. Now is our time to capitalize on this momentum and get more liberty Republican candidates elected who will begin the process of truly “rolling back the state.”

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