Endorsed Legislators Factor in New House Majority

The GOP’s return to the majority in the Minnesota House means new House leadership and new committee chairs, positions of power that dictate the movement of legislation through the House. Several RLCMN-endorsed legislators have earned prominent leadership positions.

The biggest splash was made by Rep. Joyce Peppin (34B), a longtime RLC-endorsed representative who was named House Majority Leader, a role considered to be “second in command” to the newly-elected Speaker of the House, Rep. Kurt Daudt (31A).

Along with Rep. Peppin’s role as House Majority Leader, other RLCMN-endorsed representatives were appointed to chair committees for the coming biennium:

  • Rep. Peggy Scott (35B) – Civil Law & Data Practices
  • Rep. Sondra Erickson (15A) – Education Innovation Policy, Ethics
  • Rep. Steve Drazkowski (21B) – Property Tax & Local Government Finance Division (Taxes)
  • Rep. Joyce Peppin (34B) – Rules & Legislative Administration

The RLCMN congratulates Reps. Peppin, Scott, Erickson and Drazkowski for their new leadership roles. The members of the RLCMN, as well liberty lovers throughout the state, hope you will use your new roles to fight for the defense of our liberties and to make every effort to shrink government.

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