House Republican Budget: Where’s the Reduced Spending?

Statement from RLCMN chair Neil Lynch:

“Republicans and conservatives across the state are very disappointed in the initial budget proposal offered by Speaker Daudt and the House Republican Caucus. They had a golden opportunity to show they are serious about reducing government spending; however, they entered negotiations with a budget that increase spending.

“The same Republican legislators who campaigned last year to reduce spending are starting the negotiation process with a 1.7% increase over two years. What happened to fiscal conservatism? What happened to reducing spending? We acknowledge that passing a budget will require negotiation with the DFL, whose own budget represents a 10% growth in spending. We understand that the final budget will likely land somewhere in between both party’s proposals; but to not even try a negative increase, or a zero increase, is an affront to Republicans and conservatives across the state.

“Despite this disappointing budget proposal, Speaker Daudt and the House Republican Caucus still have an opportunity to prove that they care about small government principles. They can pass three important pieces of legislation — championed by the RLCMN — that are currently stalled in the House: freedom to buy beer on Sunday (HF 321), freedom from unreasonable search and seizure of private electronic data (HF 327), and freedom for those on parole and probation to vote (HF 342).

“Members of the House Republican Caucus have failed to live up to their campaign promises of reduced spending. Passing these three bills will give these members the chance to prove that they do indeed want to reduce the size and scope of government.”

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