Let Minnesotans Buy Beer on Sundays

This morning, the Republican Liberty Caucus joined a coalition of political groups at a press conference to begin the campaign to legalize Sunday liquor sales during the 2015 legislative session.

The press conference was held at Boozemart (1673 S. Robert St. in West St Paul), a liquor store that supports Sunday sales. The RLCMN was joined by the Tea Party Alliance of Minnesota, Liberty Minnesota, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, and the Independence Party of Minnesota.

The RLCMN is dedicated to educating its endorsed legislators on this important free market issue, and working with all legislators in St. Paul to overturn this antiquated blue law that’s been hijacked by special interests who want to secure monopolies for both on-sale establishments (bars & restaurants) and government-run municipal liquor stores.

Here’s video of the press conference. Several news outlets covered the story, but of course we chose the video that featured RLCMN chair Neil Lynch.

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