MN Republican Liberty Caucus to hold convention at Dar Al-Farooq Community Center

Press Contact:
Zavier Bicott

RELEASE: Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota to hold annual convention at Dar Al-Farooq Community Center

BLOOMINGTON MINN – April 16th, 2018

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota (RLCMN) announces its annual state convention to be held at the Dar Al-Farooq Community Center, a non-partisan organization in Bloomington on Saturday, May 12th.

The goal of the Republican Liberty Caucus at this event is to introduce and promote the ideals, principles, and values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government and free market economies to the Muslim community. In addition, we are making the case that the Republican Party and Republican candidates are a viable option for the Muslim community to consider when it comes to supporting values and policies that matter to them.

Dar Al-Farooq Executive Director Mohamed Omar had this to say: “We are not a Democrat organization, a Republican organization, or a Green Party organization. We are open to any organization that is willing to come listen and speak about issues that matter to our community. We have members of our community who are Republicans and we are providing our community the opportunity to participate in the political process no matter what party they belong to.”

RLCMN Chairman Bicott stated: “Our job in the RLC is to share the values and timeless principles of individual liberty to non-traditional Republican voters. We want to grow the party and build coalitions to win elections. We can’t just sit back and expect people to come to us, we have to go to them. On one of my first visits to the community center someone asked me, ‘How come Republicans never come talk to us? Many of us share values with the Republicans but they are never here or welcome us in the Republican Party so we go to the Democrats. Democrats always come talk to us with a smile on their face.’ The Republican Liberty Caucus is the conscience of the Republican Party. Individual liberty is what brings us together, the idea that we all want to live free. We need to find ways to grow the party and give courage to Muslim Republicans to stand up in their community and say: ‘I’m a Republican and I believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility.'”




2021 State Convention


Saturday, March 13th, 3:00PM

Muddy Cow (upstairs)

1244 Canterbury Road,

Shakopee, MN 55379
(Food and drink will be available for individual purchase).

Registration Opens: 2:30 pm

Convention Starts: 3:00 pm

Annual Dues Renewal: $45 (includes convention registration)

Guest Fee: $30

Join us for our 2021 State Convention!  Meet and mingle with Liberty Activists from across the state. We will be presenting several interesting speakers for you to find out what we have been doing to advance liberty in Minnesota and what you can do to help us. Representatives Jeremy Munson and Erik Mortensen will be providing a legislative update. 

Other featured Speakers to be announced…

Official Business To Be Conducted:

  1. Election of Officers and Board Members
  2. Election of State Central Delegate and Alternate
  3. Bylaws Changes 

    **There will be a virtual option for joining the convention. For details, please reply to this email.**