Senator Petersen is One of the “Fed’s Worst Nightmares”

It’s great to see one of our own recognized nationally for his work in advancing liberty and restraining government!

In a February 16 article in the Pontiac (Michigan) Tribune, RLCMN-endorsed senator Branden Petersen was recognized as one of five state legislators who are considered the “Fed’s Worst Nightmares” for their work in enacting and promoting legislation to fight back against our out-of-control federal government, especially in the area of civil liberties.

The Republican Liberty Caucus, along with an unprecedented coalition of groups such as the ACLU, the Tea Party Alliance and Occupy Minnesota, proudly stood with Senator Petersen at a recent press conference promoting one of these bills, the Data Privacy Amendment (SF 32).

Keep up the great work, Senator Petersen!

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